Engineering Services

In line with our mission, Streamzone offers a full scope of engineering services. This ability is brought about by Streamzone’s team of competent specialists who have many years of experience in the industry.

The team includes experienced personnel in the field of fixed and wireless broadband access, fiber-optic & microwave transmission, IT experts, experts from the power industry & thermo-graphic scanners and analyst. They are not only experts in their job but also offer invaluable advice to the customers so that solutions can be found to the most daunting of situations.

Leveraging on the expertise of these personnel, Streamzone is able to offer to our customers the professional consultancy which will see them through towards a high level of cost optimizations with the fullest benefit. This is achieved through assistance offered in terms of network planning, designing and implementation of new technologies.

Development in this area is always continual and new technologies and facilities will be acquired for further enhancement of each individual’s overall technical skill set.

This is necessary in order for Streamzone to keep ahead of its competition and to continue providing its customers with a high level of support in terms of new products as well as the maintenance of existing infrastructure.

Installation Services

Installation services, though is a small part of a project, it also carries some importance in the overall quality of a project.

Scope of installation:

  • Installation and dismantling of Base Station
  • Installation of Optical and Radio Microwave SDH System
  • Installation of Power Quality Meters, Sensors and other facilities
  • Monitoring field device
  • Erection of telecommunication towers including civil works
  • XDSL Broadband Systems
  • Broadband PMP & PTP Wireless Systems
  • Outdoor and Indoor Cabinets & Civil Works
  • Power rectifier and cabling

Testing, Analysis & Commissioning Services

As a total solutions provider, Streamzone complements its installation services with testing, analysis and commissioning works. With a well-trained engineering work force, Streamzone is committed to deliver consistent quality and service to our customers and set a standard for others to aspire.

These works are carried out by trained personnel, who are experts in their fields, and look at this area with keen sense of perfection.

Analysis is a special field that Streamzone personnel’s are well equipped to handle, especially in the area of thermo-graphic scanning, power quality analysis and even root cause analysis to provide accurate results determining faults of all kinds.