Some of the highlighted project completed:

Maxis Communications Bhd - Facilities Management & Monitoring System

In 2007, Streamzone Solutions Sdn Bhd completed a nationwide FMMS project for Maxis covering 14 TOC’s in East & West Malaysia. The key to our success was based on our experience and expertise to integrate a whole range of Facility Elements to a single platform.

These elements includes all the way from HT, LV, DB’s, UPS’s, Gen-sets, Rectifiers, Battery Banks, Security Systems, Fire Fighting Systems, Critical Temperature & Humidity, Precision Air conditioning systems, High Security Doors, etc. Our platform not only notifies real time alarms, but provides analysis for predictive and preventive maintenance. Our platform can cater to be served via the Web & has proven abilities to interface to existing Maxis INMS via SNMP traps etc. Our detailed tailor made GUI can provide clear and concise details of the station and element status.

Today, based on a very cost effective rollout, Maxis is enjoying a controlled OPEX with improvements in overseeing their critical Facilities, plus drastic reduction in down time of their facilities.

This in turn helped them reduce their losses in terms of traffic disruptions due to possible facility failures.

Siemens-Digi - Transmission Capacity Planning

Siemens is awarded, by DiGi, to roll out new EDGE & non-EDGE mobile equipment as part of DiGi network expansion plan. As part of the project scope, Siemens is also required perform migration to their equipment for some of the existing on-air sites.

Prior to any migration or installation to be carried out, the transmission capacity for the existing networks or links will need to be properly studied and planned in order to cater for these new requirements. For the current phase, a total of 200 sites are involved and Streamzone has been engaged by Siemens Malaysia to carry out this task.

The goal of this project (Transmission Capacity Planning) is to:

  1. Perform the capacity planning for the new and existing transmission links between the BTSs BSCs & MSCs. On top of this, site survey will be carried out in order to confirm the availability of the equipment or link.
  2. Facilitate a full capacity planning & site survey reports to Siemens & DiGi for further actions (such as upgrading existing link if capacity is not enough to cater the new requirement) by both or either parties.

The whole planning process includes several different network segments:

  1. Radio (microwave) Equipment
  2. Digital Cross Connect (Multiplexer) Equipment
  3. SDH Equipment

MANGO Dot Net - Turnkey contractor for ADSL Rollout

Streamzone Solutions is Mango’s full turnkey contractor, providing outside plant infrastructure, cabling, supply and installation of DC systems, engineering services, planning and implementation, consultancy, DSLAMs and modems.

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd - Alarm Standardization Project

Alarm standardization exercise was conducted at all the BSC/BTS sites where installation of external alarm on site with appropriate materials and devices and defining of the alarm type on standardized port via OMT software. In addition to that, new monitoring points are added to relay air-con compressor failure and TNB incoming failure for all the RBS stations that are located in cabins.

Since the sites are located in various parts of the Klang Valley, a lot of coordination works are done with the DiGi field operations group for site addresses, access keys, landmarks and site access authorization. The standardization process includes installation, rewiring and terminating the respective alarm points to a standard port assignment given by DiGi.

Thanks to the efficiency of our engineers and subcontractors, the job was completed within the 3 months period with an average of 9 sites per day.

Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd - ULAF 2

Universal Line Access Family or ULAF+ is a modular system to provide Business Class Ethernet, 2 Mbps and nx64 kbps services in the access network. ULAF+ is also suitable for mobile backhauling applications.

The transmission between central office equipment and subscriber modem is based on ETSI and ITU compliant SHDSL technology with enhanced SHDSL performance using the 3rd generation of SHDSL transceivers.

As bandwidth demands of telecom operators for data transmission services continually rise, ULAF+ optical transmission solution or BOTU Unit is designed to transmit broadband traffic over fibre.. The ULAF+ family features both legacy TDM as well as promising Ethernet solutions in a single system environment.

It transmits using SFP (Small Form Factor Plugable) Modules with bidirectional (WDM) via one fiber or two fiber modules up to a distances of 0 to 15km / 0 to 40km (depending on SFP type) with optional 1+1 Line Protection.

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